Cooling Tower Services


Cooling towers that operate on a seasonal basis are usually shutdown during the winters, and as such, need to be properly prepared for the oncoming brutality of poor weather conditions, especially those seen in Canada. It is also a fact that even cooling tower systems, which are adequately maintained & serviced, ultimately can still succumb to overwhelming forces of nature. HCTS Inc. understands this and can help prepare your cooling tower system for the onslaught of winter.

Heavy Cooling Tower Services Inc. will winterize your cooling tower system by firstly ensuring that the water within the basin does not freeze, at any point. There are a variety of methods of accomplishing this, including the installation of a sump, electric heaters or hot water coils. The approach used depends on a few environmental factors. Further, HCTS will ensure that the water running through your cooling tower system & plumbing stays above 0 degrees. Both the feed & drain water lines are wrapped with heater cable & extra insulation.

On a regular basis, we conduct preventative maintenance during the winter season to check that all operating controls are working adequately. During this visit, we will also confirm that all pipelines & plumbing has been securely insulated. Finally, HCTS ensures that ice doesn’t get a chance to build up in any area of the cooling tower system, since this could pose massive problems in the ensuing spring & summer months.