Cooling Tower Services


Because it is our job to oversee the installation of new cooling towers, we are fully equipped to offer cooling tower maintenance and repair services to the marketplace. We can also help you find cooling tower parts urgently if your cooling tower was to ever be shutdown in an emergency situation. Heavy Cooling Tower Services Inc. understands very well that any downtime is a detriment to the profitability of your company. When we are chosen as your cooling tower contractors, we make every effort to ensure that each and every project is completed on time and within budget. Further, we also provide recommendations for cooling tower maintenance procedures to avoid stoppages of future work.

With numerous years of experience in the cooling tower service & restoration industry, we make natural consultants for end users in the industrial and commercial sectors. We take pride in confidently providing solutions for our customers, which typically includes the procurement, restoration and maintenance of all aspects of the cooling tower systems and their components. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Providing advice on cooling tower system improvements, repairs & restorations that may be necessary
  • Offering consultation on possible enhancements concerning preventative maintenance, cleaning or inspection procedures
  • Consulting on all available technologies within the scope of cooling tower system operation
  • Improving the overall efficiency and operational control mechanisms for the end user to reduce costly expenses

Heavy Cooling Tower Services is whole heartedly committed to providing its’ customers with professional quality service 24-hour emergency callout service. We strive to achieve total customer satisfaction.