Cooling Tower Services


Our cooling tower cleaning and inspection services will render your cooling tower systems' pipes & plumbing fixtures to a like new condition. Regularly used pipelines usually stay clean on the inside because the flow of water prevents the build up of corrosive minerals and substances. However, most piping systems in cooling can carry steam or mist, especially in evaporative cooling systems. Basic science tells us that when water evaporates, it leaves behind any minerals or impurities that were once dissolved in the water. This often results in scaling & mineral build up in some parts of the plumbing, which can lead to damage. In turn, such natural events will ultimately reduce the efficiency of your cooling tower system(s).

Our cooling tower technicians are trained & ready to inspect your system from top to bottom in order to ensure that your cooling tower is operating at its optimal capacity. HCTS will also check that all cooling tower components are structurally and mechanically sound. Our field teams, prior to uploading reports to our cloud server, review all cooling tower inspection reports. These reports are complete with recommendations, budget suggestions, schedules and long term planning for the extended maintenance of your cooling tower, air handler unit & basin.